Sharing stories from Glen Canyon and the surrounding Colorado Plateau has always been a passion of Glen Canyon Institute and a great way of learning about and advocating for a protected Colorado River system. Below are some videos, photos, and maps that help us experience the place from the safety of our homes while we wait for the time when we are able to get back out on the river.

The San Juan River. Photo by Bettymaya Foott

Glen Canyon Living Atlas

In 2016 we released the Glen Canyon Living Atlas. The aim is to help showcase regions that have restored from the high waters of Lake Powell reservoir. Some of these are hikes, points of interest, or canyons that can be currently accessed by boat.

Please click here to explore the map.


Explore a historical river trip down Glen Canyon. Please click here to explore the National Geographic Store Map.


Films we love

Glen Canyon Rediscovered from filmmaker Taylor Graham

Katie Lee

Kick Ass Katie Lee by Beth and George Gage


Damnation Segment from Ben Knight: Click here to watch


The Salad Days: The Illustrious River Career of Herm Hoops from NRS Films

Love of Place featuring Bill Wolverton by Totally Inc

Seldom Seen Sleight from Taylor Graham

Voices of Glen Canyon

from Greg Cairns: “Perhaps never in history has a canyon meant such different things to different people. Voices of Glen Canyon is a series of video interviews with important figures in Glen Canyon’s past and present. This long-term, continuous project, was created to serve as part of canyon country’s recorded oral history.”


Please click here to explore these historical and informational interviews.



One of the most powerful ways to both remember what Glen was, and celebrate what is returning is through photography. Here are some of our favorite images.

“Awe was never Glen Canyon’s province, that is for the Grand Canyon. Glen Canyon was for delight.” Wallace Stegner

Phil Pennington Selects

Rainbow Bridge


Confluence with the Escalante

Lake Canyon Wall Texture

Grant Reeder Photography

Lake Canyon ruin

Dark Canyon Rapid

Hole in the Rock

Phil Hyde Photography

Cathedral in the Desert

 A Bend in the Colorado River

Please click here to learn more about Hyde and to see more of his work

Please click here to see more historical photography

Contemporary Photography

Please click here to see a collection of recent photography of Glen Canyon’s restoring side canyons.

James Kay

Nick Woolley