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Dedicated to the restoration of Glen Canyon and a free flowing Colorado River.

Press Release

ProPublica - Drought be Dammed

The water crisis in the West has renewed debate about the effectiveness of major dams, with some pushing for the enormous Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River to be decommissioned.

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Major Initiative

Glen Canyon Living Atlas Project

Experience a virtual tour of the restoration occurring in Glen Canyon - Produced by Glen Canyon Institute; in collaboration with National Geographic Maps as well as numerous and Glen Canyon Explorers.

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In The News

Frustrated tribal leaders wonder if Bears Ears is a national monument in name only

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Time for Glen Canyon Dam to Bow Out?

From the Executive Summary on Water Deeply. We are happy to see their journal continuing to aid in our effort to study water storage in the Colorado Basin. Read More »

Commentary: Utah's water plan still has miles to go

We agree with our friends at WRA and Friends of the Great Salt Lake that big water development projects are not the path forward. Instead smart-use and conservation of water will help us to build a sustainable future. Read More »