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Dedicated to the restoration of Glen Canyon and a free flowing Colorado River.

Press Release

ProPublica - Drought be Dammed

The water crisis in the West has renewed debate about the effectiveness of major dams, with some pushing for the enormous Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River to be decommissioned.

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Major Initiative

Glen Canyon Living Atlas Project

Experience a virtual tour of the restoration occurring in Glen Canyon - Produced by Glen Canyon Institute; in collaboration with National Geographic Maps as well as numerous and Glen Canyon Explorers.

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In The News

The Rocky Mountains Are Dusty, And It's A Problem

It's all connected. "This tiny little strip of dust has the potential to upend how we manage water in the West, Derry says. Eventually this snow will melt and empty into the Colorado River, via the Uncompahgre and the Gunnison. The watershed provides water for some 40 million people in the southwest." Read More »

Sunny Stroeer Is on a 812-Mile Mission to Advocate for Wilderness Preservation

Check out this great story about an ultra-athlete hiking the Hayduke Trail through the Glen Canyon region. She is doing it to promote awareness around GSENM and BENM. Great effort! Read More »

Will the Southwest U.S. Run Short of Water in 2019?

An interesting take on the water shortage that we are working to mitigate. This article does a great job of tying in local Native American groups and their hopes for the future of water in the West. Read More »