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Dedicated to the restoration of Glen Canyon and a free flowing Colorado River.

Press Release

ProPublica - Drought be Dammed

The water crisis in the West has renewed debate about the effectiveness of major dams, with some pushing for the enormous Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River to be decommissioned.

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Major Initiative

Glen Canyon Living Atlas Project

Experience a virtual tour of the restoration occurring in Glen Canyon - Produced by Glen Canyon Institute; in collaboration with National Geographic Maps as well as numerous and Glen Canyon Explorers.

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In The News

Op-ed: Grand Staircase is huge economic driver in Garfield County, and it shouldn’t shrink

The reasons to protect the lands around Glen Canyon hugely outweigh the reasons to open them up for development. Read More »

Why Trump’s water order heartens ranchers and worries conservationists

"Environmentalists worry that Trump’s order will hurt Colorado’s water quality and wildlife by narrowing which waterways receive protection from pollution. 'The people of the American West want clean, healthy rivers, not a return to the days when rivers in America caught fire and were severely polluted and dead,' Gary Wockner, director of Save The Colorado, said in a statement." Read More »

Nevada still in drought despite full snowpack

One year of heavy snowfall does not get rid of the drought. We need new and progressive solutions, like Fill Mead First in order to combat climate change. Read More »