Few people have fought as long and as hard for the restoration of Glen Canyon as these great legends. They are among the noble few who have made a difference through their work and legacy. Click on the names below to learn more about these inspiring individuals.

Dedicated to the restoration of Glen Canyon and a free flowing Colorado River.

The David R. Brower Conservation Award Winners

The David R. Brower Conservation Award was created in 1998, and has honored individuals who have had a dramatic, positive impact on conservation efforts in the Colorado Plateau region. Award recipients have come from a wide range of backgrounds, from the arts to the sciences, from communications to activism, and from backcountry exploration to governmental policy. Read more about these award winners below.

Dan Beard. Former Vice President, National Audubon Society and Commissioner, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. For his tireless efforts to promote strong public policies and programs to protect the Colorado River Basin.

Katie Lee. Writer, photographer, actress, singer, musician. For her unique artistic contributions, which have inspired public appreciation of the beauty of Glen Canyon and public enthusiasm for the restoration of the Glen.

Martin Litton. River runner and environmental activist. For his lifelong conservation leadership, including his crucial role in preventing dams in the Grand Canyon and launching the citizen movement against Glen Canyon Dam.

Ken Sleight. Pioneering wilderness guide and protection advocate. For his introduction of numerous people to the wonders of Glen Canyon on countless river trips, visionary efforts to halt the construction of Glen Canyon Dam, and passionate advocacy for the restoration of the Glen.

Jim Stiles. Publisher, Canyon Country Zephyr. For his outstanding journalistic coverage of the issues of the Colorado Plateau and his forceful defense of the region’s natural values.

Kent Frost. Wilderness guide. For his extensive exploration of the Colorado Plateau and many decades of helping Americans to explore, appreciate, and work to protect the region’s wilderness.

Phil and Keturah Pennington. Early Glen Canyon explorers. For their images and stories that were critical in helping to ignite the modern movement to restore Glen Canyon.

George Miller. U.S. Congressman, California. For his leadership and vision in working for the protection of the natural resources of the western United States. Click here to see video of Congressman Miller’s keynote address.

Terry Tempest Williams. Distinguished writer, naturalist and conservationist. For her love for the Colorado Plateau and her commitment to its preservation. Terry has been a driving force in the environmental movement. Click here to see video of Ms. Williams’ acceptance speech.

Yvon Chouinard. Founder of Patagonia Inc. and dedicated rock climber, surfer, kayaker, and conservationist. For his life-long commitment to the protection of wild nature, in particular his support for the removal of dams around the world, and his leadership in promoting environmentally sustainable business.

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