Canyon Country Explorations & River Lore: The Remarkable Resilient Life of Kenny Ross


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By Gene Stevenson

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Finally, a book has been written about one of the forgotten personalities on the Colorado Plateau whose major influence on river running in the Southwest had been overlooked – until now. If you are an historical aficionado of Colorado Plateau explorers and/or early river runs down the Colorado River or its tributaries then this book will definitely be of interest to you! In his new book, CANYON COUNTRY EXPLORATIONS & RIVER LORE, The Remarkable Resilient Life of Kenny Ross, geologist and boatman Gene M. Stevenson fills in the long overlooked gaps into the life of a forgotten character who had a profound influence on modern commercial river running in southwestern U.S. canyon country. Ross began this journey in the mid-1930s as a member on river trips conducted by the Rainbow Bridge Monument Valley Expeditions followed by twelve years as a naturalist and Park Ranger at Mesa Verde National Park where he learned first-hand from the best and brightest in their respective fields of archaeology, the geosciences, and history of the region. This background led Kenny to become a self-made naturalist/educator in his own right who emphasized the concept of “educational adventures” to newcomers to the region. His deep connection to the landscape of the Four Corners region continued through the rest of his life. He guided numerous hiking excursions into seldom visited canyons and led explorations by way of river trips down the San Juan River, and Cataract Canyon and Glen Canyon of the Colorado River for scores of individuals over many years before there were any official maps of the area. Kenny Ross also started one of the earliest river companies that introduced the scientific community and general public to the magical canyons in southeastern Utah and northern Arizona.