Tad’s Emerging World: Glen Canyon Exposed

Join Dawn Kish and Glen Canyon Institute for a special screening of Dawn’s new film, Tad’s Emerging World: Glen Canyon Revealed. Using Tad’s original Crown Graphic 4×5 camera, which he used on his many trips with Katie Lee and Frank Wright, Dawn retraces the steps of the legendary Glen Canyon photographer to document the reemergence of America’s Lost National Park.

The event will also include a photo gallery and silent auction of Dawn’s spectacular photography that will benefit the work of Glen Canyon Institute. Don’t miss this special event and chance to learn about the recovery of one of our country’s greatest natural treasures!

The event is free, but registration is required. Please click here to register.

Click here to see the trailer for Dawn’s film.

More from Dawn about here work here: Hi friends and film freaks! This film is about my journey documenting the hidden treasure of the Southwest known as Glen Canyon. This epic landscape of red sandstone walls, flowing rivers and cultural sites is under a giant reservoir called Lake Powell. The lake is at its lowest water level since the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam because of human consumption, climate change and drought. It is time to go on an adventure to explore this canyon I never knew about except in books, films and photos.

I’ll be shooting with an old Crown Graphic 4×5 camera. This camera documented Glen Canyon pre-dam from an incredible photographer, Tad Nichols, from 1950 to 1963. He was hanging with Katie Lee and trying to save this beautiful place with his photographs. What is emerging? What will be learned? What is preserved? What will develop? Glen Canyon’s destiny is still unknown.

Kish wants to expose Glen Canyon and inspire younger generations not to repeat this tragedy. It’s time to learn more about saving our public lands through art, adventure and advocacy.