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Dedicated to the restoration of Glen Canyon and a free flowing Colorado River.


Featured Album: Philip Hyde


Many people refer to Philip Hyde as the underappreciated master landscape photographer of the 20th Century. His photographs participated in more environmental campaigns than those of any other photographer. At the birth of the modern environmental movement, he was one of the primary illustrators of the groundbreaking Sierra Club Exhibit Format Series. He dedicated his life to defending Western American wilderness, working with the Wilderness Society, National Audubon and others. His color landscapes inspired a generation of photographers, while helping to establish color photography as a fine art. His photographs helped protect Dinosaur National Monument, the Grand Canyon, the Coast Redwoods, Point Reyes, King's Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, the North Cascades, Canyonlands, the Wind Rivers, Big Sur and many other National Parks and wilderness areas.

2glen-86a-fred-packard-in-labyrinth-canyon 4glen-1-hole-in-the-rock-crossing-glen-canyon-1962 Bend-colorado-river Cathedral-desert2 K-2glen-72-browers-hydes-edwards-pirate-ship-glen-canyon Np-2glen-128a-david-brower-filming P19.-2glen-106b-petroglyphs-at-smith-fork-1955 Rainbow-bridge

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Phil Pennington

Phil Pennington first saw Glen Canyon from an airplane while looking for some students who got lost during a University of California Berkeley hiking trip. He was astonished by the view of Glen Canyon from the sky and made a number of trips down in the years after. Phil meticulously photographed the unique landscape of Glen Canyon and used that photography in the fight to protect it.

Pp%20hite Pp%20escalante%20with%20hikers Pp%20cathedral%202 Pp%20confluence%20of%20escalante Pp%20pictographs%20davis%20gulch Pp%20moqui%20canyon%20tapestry%20wall Pp%20cottonwood%20aerial Pp%20cathedral%20canyon

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Pre-Powell Photos

Before its inundation, Glen Canyon was a wonderland of gorges, spires, cliffs and grottoes. After the dam, it became ‘the place no one knew.’ Below are images from various photographers showing the exquisite beauty that existed within the Glen. They are a special reminder of what was lost.

3500-029small 3700-099small 3387-088small 3700-025 3384-083b 3500-025small 3386-011small 3706-013small

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Recent Photos

As water levels have receded, more and more canyons have been revealed and the unique beauty and grandeur of Glen Canyon has begun to restore. New wildlife, pristine waterfalls, and amazing plant life can now be seen. Here are some recent photos illustrating the changing landscape. 

Escalante_goosenecks2 Nforkwillowpool Varnishring Willow_new_waterfall Bishop_restoration Davis1 Fortymile%20waterfall P5160382

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Restored Canyons: Bill Wolverton

50%20mile%20gulch%20without%20lkfoul%20no.4 50%20mile%20gulch%20without%20lkfoul%20no.5 50%20mile%20gulch%20without%20lkfoul%20no.3 50%20mile%20gulch%20without%20lkfoul%20no.6 Cottonwood%20gulch%20without%20lk%20foul Davis%20gulch%20fall%20without%20lkfoul%20feb%2004 50%20mile%20gulch%20without%20lkfoul%20no.2 50%20mile%20gulch%20without%20lkfoul%20no.1

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Cathedral In The Desert - 2005

03-18-05%20004 03-18-05%20050 03-18-05%20020 03-18-05%20036 03-18-05%20038 03-18-05%20013 03-18-05%20012 03-18-05%20041

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15th Anniversary Event Conference

Mbrown_gci%20award%20night101104_dsc6224 Mbrown_gci%20award%20night101104_dsc6089 Mbrown_gci%20award%20night101104_dsc6205 Mbrown_gci%20award%20night101104_dsc6153 Mbrown_gci%20award%20night101104_dsc6066 Mbrown_gci%20award%20night101104_dsc6157 Mbrown_gci%20award%20night101105_dsc6273 Gci%2015th%20barbara-katie-terry13

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Other Events

GCI’s Road Show is a huge part of our advocacy work and a great way to inform the public of current initiatives and projects. In addition to our Road Show presentations, GCI also tables at numerous community events and farmer’s markets. Finally, GCI tries to hold annual conferences featuring scientists, policy makers, and other special presenters for our member’s enjoyment.

Picture%20069 Picture%20058 Picture%20012 Picture%20052 Picture%20054 Picture%20015 Picture%20023 Picture%20046

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Glen Canyon Before Lake Powell - Album 1

2500-024 2500-085 2500-023small 2500-083small 2500-081small 2500-082small 2500-075 2500-017small 2500-079small 2500-087small 2500-058small 2500-059small

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Glen Canyon Before Lake Powell - Album 2

2600-131b 2600-010 2600-142 2600-135 2600-098 2600-128 2600-102small 2600-011small 2600-103 2600-129 2600-097 2600-121

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Glen Canyon Before Lake Powell - Album 3

3383-011b 3383-035 3383-050 3383-007small 3383-040 3383-031 3383-013 3383-034 3383-041 3383-014 3383-023 3383-006small

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Glen Canyon Before Lake Powell - Album 4

3383-132 3383-083 3383-072 3383-096 3383-070 3383-075 3383-119b 3383-095 3383-094 3383-104small 3383-063b 3383-062

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Glen Canyon Before Lake Powell - Album 5

3384-004 3384-041 3384-058 3384-053 3384-011 3384-018 3384-039small 3384-045 3384-007 3384-056 3384-029 3384-023

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Glen Canyon Before Lake Powell - Album 6

3384-094 3384-130 3384-119 3384-101 3384-063 3384-105 3384-116 3384-096 3384-070 3384-091 3384-076 3384-107

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Brower Centennial

Img_9751 Img_9762 Img_9777 Img_9894 Img_9910 Img_9927 Img_9933 Img_9952

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