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Dedicated to the restoration of Glen Canyon and a free flowing Colorado River.

Press Release

Politics, Policy and A Most Excellent Boating Adventure

From August 17-22nd the Glen Canyon Institute sponsored an historic trip down the Colorado River through Cataract Canyon.

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Major Initiative

GCI urges BOR to Fill Mead First

Glen Canyon Institute (GCI) has called on the Bureau or Reclamation (BOR) to implement the Fill Mead First plan, which could save massive amounts of water.

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In The News

States in Parched Southwest Take Steps to Bolster Lake Mead

With a 14-year drought in the Colorado River basin showing few signs of breaking, states along the river’s path are taking new steps this month to ensure that Lake Mead — the Colorado River reservoir that is the water source for much of the Southwest — does not fail them. Officials from water agencies in Arizona, California and Nevada signed an agreement last week to jointly add as much as three million acre-feet of water to Lake Mead by 2020, mostly through conservation and changes in water management that would reduce the amount that the states draw from the lake. Read More »

Saving the Colorado River Delta, One Habitat at a Time

Just a few miles upstream from the Miguel Alemán restoration site, Osvel Hinojosa Huerta took me to see the end of the Colorado, in a sandy stand of invasive salt cedar. The river that starts in the high Rocky Mountains, that cut the Grand Canyon, and that supplies 36 million people with sustenance finishes here as a muddy trickle. Ants picked at dead fish in the dust. The river was once two miles (three kilometers) wide here, said Hinojosa Huerta, 39, who oversees delta restoration efforts for the Mexican environmental group Pronatura Noroeste. (In 2012 he was named a National Geographic emerging explorer.) Speaking from the shade of his wide-brimmed hat, Hinojosa Huerta explained that the delta, which included a million acres of wetland and riparian forest, was once one of the most biodiverse habitats in North America. Read More »

Enough is enough at the Glen Canyon Recreation Area

Glen Canyon, which conservationist David Brower called the “Place No One Knew,” is still magnificent and still a national treasure. Let’s stop the vandalism and destruction and neglect; let’s urge the Park Service to lead the way out of these years of apathy and negligence. We’ve have seen enough slob behavior leading to mutilated petroglyphs and defaced cliffs. Enough is enough. Read More »