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Glen Canyon Institute

Dedicated to the restoration of Glen Canyon and a free flowing Colorado River.


Eric Balken – Programs Director

Eric directs GCI programs, including organizing events and leading the Glen Canyon Road Show and GCI Trips and the Glen Canyon Atlas. He has served as a volunteer for Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, gaining experience in public land surveys, cataloguing organizational records, and phone banking. Eric has a degree in Environmental Studies and Geography and is credited with founding Students for Water Conservation at the University of Utah. He has worked for GCI since 2006. (EMAIL)

Michael Kellett – Special Projects Coordinator

Michael is involved with GCI programs as well as with operations and fundraising efforts. He co-founded the New England conservation organization RESTORE: The North Woods in 1992. He developed the proposal for a new Maine Woods National Park, directed campaigns to list the Atlantic salmon and Canada lynx as endangered species, and oversaw programs to protect the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, White Mountain National Forest, and other public lands. Previously, as the Northeast regional director and Michigan representative of The Wilderness Society, he helped to pass the Michigan Wilderness Act of 1987 as well as legislation establishing Grand Island National Recreation Area and authorizing the four-state Northern Forest Lands Study. He has visited more than 230 National Park System units in 46 states and territories. He has worked for GCI since 2006. (EMAIL)

Simon Williams – Web Development

Simon is responsible for the GCI website, internet communications, and computer equipment. He has been a consultant on web page design, website and email maintenance, and computer systems coordination for many years. Simon is studying computer science at the University of Utah. He has worked for GCI since 2006. (EMAIL)

Henrik Burns – Office Manager

Henrik is responsible for day-to-day office functions, including maintaining GCI’s member database, bookkeeping, assisting with fundraising operations including correspondence and mailings, creation of the monthly Colorado River Lowdown, and providing administrative support for conservation programs. Henrik has worked for Salt Lake City Transportation and the Mayor's Office. Henrik graduated from the University of Utah with an Honors Bachelor’s in Economics, Political Science, and International Studies in 2014. He has worked for GCI since 2014.( EMAIL)