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Glen Canyon Institute

Dedicated to the restoration of Glen Canyon and a free flowing Colorado River.


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GCI Chums

Original Chums with "Restore Glen Canyon"

The original cotton eywear retainer was born in 1983 when a river guide sought a comfortable way to keep his sunglasses out of the water. These sweet GCI Chums come with a "Restore Glen Canyon" imprint.


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Gci shirts
New GCI T-Shirt

Be one of the first to wear this newly printed design -- forest green shirts featuring our logo in orange on the left-front chest and on the back. 

Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large (Please indicate what size you would like in the "Company" line when we ask for shipping info)


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Hat and tee together
Summer Apparel Special

Buy a hat and shirt together to save

To get you all ready for the fall desert season we have restocked our collection of GCI apparel. To make it easier than ever to support GCI we currently have a packaged deal. Save $10 when you purchase a Damn Dam hat and GCI Tee at the same time. We have all colors of the hat and a full size run of the shirt. 

Upon check out please specifiy what color hat and size shirt you would like in the "company" line when we ask for shipping information. 



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