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State leaders discuss ideas to restore Lake Mead's water levels

We at Glen Canyon Institute were proud to testify in support of Nevada's study regarding alternative management practices on the Colorado River, including decommissioning Glen Canyon Dam. Read More »

Calls to Rethink the Colorado River’s Iconic Dams Grow Louder

With two major reservoirs on the Colorado River, Lake Powell and Lake Mead, sitting half empty, will a new hydrologic reality be enough to push for big management changes? One conservation group hopes so. Read More »

The Case for the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

"The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is one of many national treasures under attack by the Trump administration. Any attempt by President Trump to eliminate or alter the monument would undermine the cultural and natural resources it protects." Read More »

Trump aims attack at national monuments: 20 at risk

Two of these monuments directly abut Glen Canyon. It is more important than ever to contact our policy makers and the Department of the Interior and tell them to protect our public lands. Read More »

Western Democratic Senators Tell Trump: Don’t Reverse National Monument Designations

We must stand strong for our public lands! These areas have a border with Glen Canyon and a direct impact on its future. Read More »

Letter From a Drowned Canyon

Beautiful from Rebecca Solnit. "When the Sierra Club pronounced Glen Canyon dead in 1963, the organization’s leaders expected it to stay dead under Lake Powell. But this old world is re-emerging, and its fate is being debated again. The future we foresee is often not the one we get, and Lake Powell is shriveling, thanks to more water consumption and less water supply than anyone anticipated. Beneath it lies not just canyons but spires, crests, labyrinths of sandstone, Anasazi ruins, petroglyphs, and burial sites, an intricate complexity hidden by water, depth lost in surface." Read More »

Farmers, Brewers, and Conservationists Partner to Keep a River Flowing

We love to hear stories of innovative strategies for working with water in the Colorado River Basin. Conservation and working with natural processes are they way forward. "If just one-tenth of the valley’s 6,000 acres of cropland could be converted to barley, summertime irrigation demand would drop by nearly 200 million gallons, keeping critical flow in the river when it’s needed most." Read More »

No, President Trump can’t revoke national monuments

We will stand strong behind our public lands designated as national monuments. As Glen Canyon is recovered, these are the protections we will fight for, for it. Read More »

Op-ed: Grand Staircase is huge economic driver in Garfield County, and it shouldn’t shrink

The reasons to protect the lands around Glen Canyon hugely outweigh the reasons to open them up for development. Read More »

Why Trump’s water order heartens ranchers and worries conservationists

"Environmentalists worry that Trump’s order will hurt Colorado’s water quality and wildlife by narrowing which waterways receive protection from pollution. 'The people of the American West want clean, healthy rivers, not a return to the days when rivers in America caught fire and were severely polluted and dead,' Gary Wockner, director of Save The Colorado, said in a statement." Read More »