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Op-ed: Grand Staircase is huge economic driver in Garfield County, and it shouldn’t shrink

The reasons to protect the lands around Glen Canyon hugely outweigh the reasons to open them up for development. Read More »

Why Trump’s water order heartens ranchers and worries conservationists

"Environmentalists worry that Trump’s order will hurt Colorado’s water quality and wildlife by narrowing which waterways receive protection from pollution. 'The people of the American West want clean, healthy rivers, not a return to the days when rivers in America caught fire and were severely polluted and dead,' Gary Wockner, director of Save The Colorado, said in a statement." Read More »

Nevada still in drought despite full snowpack

One year of heavy snowfall does not get rid of the drought. We need new and progressive solutions, like Fill Mead First in order to combat climate change. Read More »

California experience a reason for Southern Nevadans to be wary of Glen Canyon Dam

"We must act more proactively on the Colorado. This is why I’m introducing legislation this session that requests the nation’s premiere, independent research body, the National Academy of Sciences, to assess the current management practices for the Colorado River, including options for destroying a dam that never should have been built." Read More »

Wet winter has improved Colorado River basin's water forecast, but the drought endures

We cannot let the heavy snowfall this season let us think that the drought is over. Between climate change a growing need for water, we need new water policy. "While California has been climbing out of its drought — albeit the hard way, with brutal storms, mudslides and a mass evacuation ordered earlier below the damaged Oroville Dam spillway — the drought on the Colorado may never truly end." Read More »

Outdoor Retailer is leaving Utah over public lands issues, a move Herbert calls ‘offensive’

While we are saddened to see OR leave Salt Lake, we support the move to divest from a state that sells off its public lands and wild space. Read More »

The West’s coal giant is going down

The energy revolution is happening. "But coal power is no longer the best energy bargain. And on Monday the plant's four private utility owners, led by the Salt River Project, voted to shut down the plant at the end of 2019, some 25 years ahead of schedule." Read More »

Endangered chub conservation sees success in Grand Canyon

We love seeing successful conservation and restoration projects in the Colorado River. "Thanks to fewer predators and more food at the upriver location, the transplanted fish have come to thrive compared to their downstream brethren, making for a conservation success story that just received national recognition." Read More »

Letter: Monument has been a boon to Escalante

The large monuments in Utah surround Glen Canyon. They are important in protecting its wildness but also its economic benefit. "It would be a pity if all this economic progress ground to a halt over Utah's officials' knee-jerk reactions to anything federal." Read More »

Patagonia drops out of Outdoor Retailer over Utah leaders’ opposition to Bears Ears

Our elected officials must get on board with both water and land conservation. Otherwise, they will lose allies in all sectors. "As Outdoor Retailer show organizers open the search for a host city, one major player in the industry says it will boycott the convention as long as it takes place in Utah." Read More »