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Frustrated tribal leaders wonder if Bears Ears is a national monument in name only

It is time to respect the wishes of the Native tribes on the Colorado Plateau. Read More »

Time for Glen Canyon Dam to Bow Out?

From the Executive Summary on Water Deeply. We are happy to see their journal continuing to aid in our effort to study water storage in the Colorado Basin. Read More »

Commentary: Utah's water plan still has miles to go

We agree with our friends at WRA and Friends of the Great Salt Lake that big water development projects are not the path forward. Instead smart-use and conservation of water will help us to build a sustainable future. Read More »

From Barren to Bountiful: 10 Before and After Photos of Colorado River Restoration

A nice model of how well the Colorado River riparian areas are able to restore when we work together. Read More »

'Salmon of the southwest' shows signs of recovery

Restoring rivers to a more natural state can save threatened native wildlife. "Scientists say they have found evidence that the Colorado pikeminnow is reproducing in the San Juan River, and the offspring are surviving." Read More »

Stabilizing Lake Mead Water Levels a Priority Amongst Stakeholders

We're glad to see communities working together to protect and conserve the water in the river. "'Today's agreement and the Community's ongoing effort to protect the Colorado River carry immense importance for our people and our neighbors across the Southwest. Being good stewards of this most sacred resource is a part of who we are as a people and what the Gila River Indian Community has stood for across time,' said Gila River Indian Community Governor Stephen Roe Lewis" Read More »

Colorado River water use remains a concern

“It looked like it was going to be a bang-up year, but then we get to May and June and they are so dry and so hot compared to their normal, that it has just evaporated a lot of the snow. It’s dried up the ground so that a lot of that snow melt that is coming down is actually going into the ground, not actually getting into the rivers and streams.” Read More »

Some Urge Modifying Dams On Colorado River

Check out this nice radio piece about the Water Deeply article regarding Fill Mead First. Read More »

Roots run deep for researcher battling invasive grass in Glen Canyon

Awesome article about the restoration of Glen Canyon and Native American connection to place. "Planting them at Glen Canyon is also significant, she said. The Grand Canyon is widely understood to be sacred to Southwest tribes, but Glen Canyon isn't always given the same reverence outside tribal culture — especially since it was dammed and became Lake Powell." Read More »

Lake Mead forecast drops sharply, may trigger CAP water shortage

As the Lower Basin inches closer and closer to a shortage declaration, we at GCI are working on projects that could lead to a more sustainable future on the River. Read More »