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Letter to the Editor: Aren’t we just a bunch of bullying bullfrogs gambling our way to the Lake Powell Pipeline

Read this great Op-Ed from a St. George resident. He lays out the nuanced scam that is the Lake Powell Pipeline. Read More »

Water forecast is bleak for major reservoir in Southwest US

We have known for many years that our current path is unsustainable. Read More »

To save our oceans, let’s start with our rivers

Let us not forget that it is all connected. Read More »

President Trump, Please Read ‘Desert Solitaire’

Cactus Ed lives on today, his words resonate stronger than ever. Read More »

Utah is headed into a water battle it can’t win

A great write-up on the real reason behind the Lake Powell Pipeline from our Executive Director, Eric Balken. Read More »

Western Snowpack Is Low. How Worried Should We Be?

Welcome to the new normal. Read More »

Plans for Utah Pipeline to Tap Colorado River Hit a Snag

“There aren’t any benefits to the project,” said Zachary Frankel, executive director of Utah Rivers Council. “There are a long list of negatives.” Read More »

Grand Canyon is a national treasure, not a place for uranium mining

"Leave it as it is. You cannot improve on it. The ages have been at work on it, and man can only mar it." Keep the Grand Canyon grand! Read More »

Tribune Editorial: Bureaucratic kinks may block the Lake Powell Pipeline. Good.

The fight over the Powell Pipeline is not over and we are doing everything in our power to shelve it once and for all. Read More »

Trump’s message for tribes: Let them eat yellowcake

This why we are fighting for Bears Ears National Monument. "In the end, it appears that Trump, his administrators and Utah’s state officials all share the notion that the best use of Indigenous nations’ homelands is as “national sacrifice zones” for energy. Trump’s “energy dominance” doctrine, therefore, will be a toxic legacy passed on to American and Native American grandchildren." Read More »