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The Rocky Mountains Are Dusty, And It's A Problem

It's all connected. "This tiny little strip of dust has the potential to upend how we manage water in the West, Derry says. Eventually this snow will melt and empty into the Colorado River, via the Uncompahgre and the Gunnison. The watershed provides water for some 40 million people in the southwest." Read More »

Sunny Stroeer Is on a 812-Mile Mission to Advocate for Wilderness Preservation

Check out this great story about an ultra-athlete hiking the Hayduke Trail through the Glen Canyon region. She is doing it to promote awareness around GSENM and BENM. Great effort! Read More »

Will the Southwest U.S. Run Short of Water in 2019?

An interesting take on the water shortage that we are working to mitigate. This article does a great job of tying in local Native American groups and their hopes for the future of water in the West. Read More »

Court upholds flows for Dolores River

Read this story about a win for water conservation on the Dolores. Read More »

After dry winter, Colorado River forecasters look for 6th-driest runoff year

This is a great article outlining the scary future of the Colorado River Basin. Take a minute to watch the video which has first hand experiences and a good outline of all the different issues we are dealing with. "If this year's poor forecast proves accurate, four of Lake Powell's six driest runoff years will have come since 2002." Read More »

April Fools!

Har har har. Read More »

This is What a West Without Water Will Look Like

"Historically, droughts aren’t unusual in this part of the US, but climate change is set to make them worse as less rains fall. Reservoirs will be dry, the agriculture sector will be forced to cut back on water usage, and individuals will be required to adopt conservation measures which can range from getting rid of lush green lawns to shorter showers." Read More »

Infighting delays Lake Mead drought plan as water 'bankers' protect control

"Everyone wants a Drought Contingency Plan. The issue is getting there." Read More »

Questions about dams posed by West’s shrinking snowpack

This article is a nice summary of where we are at and what the future potentially looks like for water storage and the river. Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Aren’t we just a bunch of bullying bullfrogs gambling our way to the Lake Powell Pipeline

Read this great Op-Ed from a St. George resident. He lays out the nuanced scam that is the Lake Powell Pipeline. Read More »