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Katie Lee, Folk Singer Who Fought to Protect a Canyon, Dies at 98

Thanks to the New York Times for this eloquent obituary of Katie Lee. Read More »

Escalade ‘Monster’ Killed

The work we are all doing does make a difference! Read More »

Utah group seeks audit of Lake Powell Pipeline project, water data after finding ‘discrepancies’

We applaud our colleagues at Utah Rivers Council for their diligence. "Utah Rivers Council calls on State Auditor John Dougall to investigate possibility that project proponents are misleading state lawmakers with faulty water-use numbers." Read More »

Katie Lee, Goddess of Glen Canyon, Inspires Young Activists

Come see Katie Lee in DamNation this week in Springdale, Utah! See our events tab for details. “You should see the beautiful letters I get, you know. Sometimes they’re a whole page and they say, ‘We saw you in ‘DamNation’ and how free you were and how this, and how that … and we want to know what to do! What can we do to help get this movement going?’ And I just keep thinking, God, you’ve gotta realize the world is not like it was then. But that doesn’t keep you from fighting. You’ve got to do it your way in this particular climate. Read More »

Environment Is Big Winner in U.S.–Mexico Colorado River Agreement

Mexico trusts the Lower Basin to hold their water. The Upper Basin should do the same. "A new agreement signed between the U.S. and Mexico continues an important collaboration in managing the Colorado River, but also gives new hope for reviving stretches of the river that have run dry." Read More »

Study: Rivers Recover Faster Than Expected After Dam Removal

A great article and study helping to understand what rivers do once the dams come down. "...we need more holistic studies that integrate physical, water quality and biological responses to dam removal. Implementing new technologies can help expand dam removal monitoring." Read More »

Frustrated tribal leaders wonder if Bears Ears is a national monument in name only

It is time to respect the wishes of the Native tribes on the Colorado Plateau. Read More »

Time for Glen Canyon Dam to Bow Out?

From the Executive Summary on Water Deeply. We are happy to see their journal continuing to aid in our effort to study water storage in the Colorado Basin. Read More »

Commentary: Utah's water plan still has miles to go

We agree with our friends at WRA and Friends of the Great Salt Lake that big water development projects are not the path forward. Instead smart-use and conservation of water will help us to build a sustainable future. Read More »

From Barren to Bountiful: 10 Before and After Photos of Colorado River Restoration

A nice model of how well the Colorado River riparian areas are able to restore when we work together. Read More »