Hydropower: What would be the impact if Glen Canyon Dam stopped generating electricity?

average annual value of Glen Canyon

Dam’s electric energy represents less than

one half of one percent of the sales value

from electric generation in the grid of the

western U.S, and that the grid could readily

absorb the loss of hydropower from the dam.”

  • (In 2013 dollars)  Increase of $16.31 million in electricity costs for consumers of Glen Canyon Dam power
  • Spread among 3.2 million customers, “the individual impacts would be small in the vast majority of cases.”
  • Average yearly cost increases would be $.08 per month for residential customers, $.59 per month for commercial customers, and $6.16 per month for industrial customers of Glen Canyon Dam electricity

Study: The Impact of the Loss of Electric Generation at Glen Canyon Dam, by Thomas Power, Donovan Power, Power Consulting, and Joel Brown Aesir Consulting LLC, May 2015


  • Glen Canyon Dam has been operating below capacity without serious disruption.
  • Solar energy is changing the economics of power generation.