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Will the Southwest U.S. Run Short of Water in 2019?
Court upholds flows for Dolores River
After dry winter, Colorado River forecasters look for 6th-driest runoff year
April Fools!
This is What a West Without Water Will Look Like
Infighting delays Lake Mead drought plan as water 'bankers' protect control
Questions about dams posed by West’s shrinking snowpack
Letter to the Editor: Aren’t we just a bunch of bullying bullfrogs gambling our way to the Lake Powell Pipeline
Water forecast is bleak for major reservoir in Southwest US
To save our oceans, let’s start with our rivers
President Trump, Please Read ‘Desert Solitaire’
Utah is headed into a water battle it can’t win
Western Snowpack Is Low. How Worried Should We Be?
Plans for Utah Pipeline to Tap Colorado River Hit a Snag
Grand Canyon is a national treasure, not a place for uranium mining
Tribune Editorial: Bureaucratic kinks may block the Lake Powell Pipeline. Good.
Trump’s message for tribes: Let them eat yellowcake
A county in Utah wants to suck 77 million gallons a day out of Lake Powell, threatening the Colorado River
Trump Slashes Size of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Monuments
Katie Lee, Folk Singer Who Fought to Protect a Canyon, Dies at 98
Escalade ‘Monster’ Killed
Utah group seeks audit of Lake Powell Pipeline project, water data after finding ‘discrepancies’
Katie Lee, Goddess of Glen Canyon, Inspires Young Activists
Environment Is Big Winner in U.S.–Mexico Colorado River Agreement
Study: Rivers Recover Faster Than Expected After Dam Removal
Frustrated tribal leaders wonder if Bears Ears is a national monument in name only
Time for Glen Canyon Dam to Bow Out?
Commentary: Utah's water plan still has miles to go
From Barren to Bountiful: 10 Before and After Photos of Colorado River Restoration
'Salmon of the southwest' shows signs of recovery
Stabilizing Lake Mead Water Levels a Priority Amongst Stakeholders
Colorado River water use remains a concern
Some Urge Modifying Dams On Colorado River
Roots run deep for researcher battling invasive grass in Glen Canyon
Lake Mead forecast drops sharply, may trigger CAP water shortage
As Lake Mead Struggles, Arizona Faces Water Cutbacks
Nevada legislature takes serious look at tearing down Lake Powell’s Glen Canyon Dam
Trump says U.S. will abandon global climate accord
State leaders discuss ideas to restore Lake Mead's water levels
Calls to Rethink the Colorado River’s Iconic Dams Grow Louder
The Case for the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
Trump aims attack at national monuments: 20 at risk
Western Democratic Senators Tell Trump: Don’t Reverse National Monument Designations
Letter From a Drowned Canyon
Farmers, Brewers, and Conservationists Partner to Keep a River Flowing
No, President Trump can’t revoke national monuments
Op-ed: Grand Staircase is huge economic driver in Garfield County, and it shouldn’t shrink
Why Trump’s water order heartens ranchers and worries conservationists
Nevada still in drought despite full snowpack
California experience a reason for Southern Nevadans to be wary of Glen Canyon Dam
Wet winter has improved Colorado River basin's water forecast, but the drought endures
Outdoor Retailer is leaving Utah over public lands issues, a move Herbert calls ‘offensive’
The West’s coal giant is going down
Endangered chub conservation sees success in Grand Canyon
Letter: Monument has been a boon to Escalante
Patagonia drops out of Outdoor Retailer over Utah leaders’ opposition to Bears Ears
Shrinking Lake Mead Could Mean Radical Cuts to States' Water Shares
Western drought watchers eye Lake Mead water level
Secretary Jewell Directs Continued Work on Crucial Colorado River Basin Water Agreements
Glen Canyon Releases Off-Road Management Plan
The next administration must protect the Colorado River basin
Navajo Generating Station's owners weigh options
Arizona water leaders confer with Colorado River states on drought contingency plan
Conservation advocates alarmed by Trump’s choice of McMorris Rodgers as Interior secretary
Drought on Colorado River Sparks Revolutionary Idea: Sharing Water
McBride, Fedarko wrap up 14-month journey through Grand Canyon
On the Colorado River, Climate Change is Water Change
Study: Next US president must act fast on Colorado River
Negotiations moving forward on plan to avert Colorado River ‘crash’
Two Years After the Colorado Pulse Flow — An Abundance of Life
Lake Powell Pipeline Criticized During Meeting
Proposed Lake Powell Pipeline Sparks Economic Debate
Megadrought Risk in the American Southwest
Rediscovering Glen Canyon
Who will pay for Lake Powell pipeline? Utah economists say all of us.
Parks calendar provokes thought - Glen Canyon makes cover of 2017 National Park Foundation calendar
Dammed if you do: Scientists recommend strategies to lessen dams' environmental impacts
Lake Powell could dry up in as little as six years, study says
American Rivers - Killing the Colorado: A Spotlight on New Solutions
River Runners Eddy Into Hall of Fame
Feds See 2018 Shortage in Lake Mead Water Supply
Study: Drought like 2000-2006 would empty Lake Powell
New Study - Decommissioning Glen Canyon Dam Would Have Minimal Impact On Power Grid
Drought helps build case to drain lakes - Fill Mead First on CBS News
Snow, runoff and the Colorado River Basin
Jewell 'shocked' at lack of protection for Bears Ears cultural resources
Glen Canyon on Public Radio International
Lake Powell Pipeline ‘Financing model’ Released to the Public
Southwest Heat Wave Causes Snowpack To Melt Earlier, Quicker
Opening Glen Canyon
As America’s Largest Reservoir Hits Record Low, a Dam Debate Returns
The New York Times: Unplugging the Colorado - Could the end be near for one of the West’s biggest dams?
Lake Mead hits New Record Low
National Geographic: This Will Be the Biggest Dam-Removal Project in History
Photo Journal: A Winter Paddle Across the Lake Formerly Known as the Colorado River
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Fields Complaints About Proposed Lake Powell Pipeline
GCI Partner - EcoFlight; Raising college students environmental awareness with aerial perspectives
Skepticism amongst National Park Service's Glen Canyon Dam plan
Comment Period Open On Proposed Plan For Operating Glen Canyon Dam
The Gila - The Battle for New Mexico's Last Wild River
O.A.R.S. and Pete McBride team up to release "Martin's Boat;" A short film honoring legendary conservationist Martin Litton
The Source: Lifeline in a Desert - The Colorado River in Three Stories
Drought in the Colorado River Basin - An Interactive Web display
Nat.Geo. Features Water Expert’s Work In Colorado River Basin
Millions of years old of dinosaur tracks face constant erosion under Lake Powell
High Country News - It’s time to let Lake Powell go
PBS NOVA - How Water Is Reshaping the West
A Navajo Town's Tooth-and-Nail Fight to Reclaim the Colorado River
More than 20 Professors of Economics from within Utah openly challenge the economics of the Lake Powell Pipeline pay-back proposal
Over the Colorado; EcoFlight gives students bird's-eye view of the water shortage across the West
A coalition of scholars urge federal government to partner with National Academy of Sciences to study the Colorado River's future
Tapping an overused resource - Project to divert water from Colorado River tributary to NM raises concerns
Flooding of Lake Meads 'Third Straw' Complete
Media Coverage from Toronto; An Arizona lake that provides drinking water to three states is less than half full
Flooding begins on ‘third straw’ to draw drought-stricken Lake Mead water
Study: Colorado River shortage could hit Arizona hard
Even the Bottom of the Grand Canyon is Now Contaminated
Happy Birthday National Park Service
Mercury finds its way into Grand Canyon
National Geographic: A World Without Rivers
Lake Mead losses; As seen from space
River in Colorado turned yellow by toxic mine spill reopens; plume reaches Lake Powell in Utah
The Undamming of America
People urged to avoid recreating in parts of Glen Canyon NRA "as a precaution"
Yellow sludge in Colorado river continues spread, reaches New Mexico
Animas River spill, 1,000,000 gallons of toxic waste headed down stream to the Colorado River
As Lake Mead continues to disappear; Nevada ghost town re-emerges once again
Former Arizona Game and Fish Commissioners Call on President to Protect Lands Around Grand Canyon as a National Monument
Colorado water plan draft begun, advocates stress keeping water here
Less Than Zero - Despite decades of accepted science, California and Arizona are still miscounting their water supplies
This series of satellite images illustrates the huge loss of groundwater in California
Shrinking Colorado River, growing concern for Yuma farmers — and millions of water users
Op Ed - How not to fix California's water problems
Following The Sand In The Colorado River In Grand Canyon
Picturing the Drought - Documenting the water crisis in the West
California’s Drought Is Part of a Much Bigger Water Issue
How A Historical Blunder Helped Create The Water Crisis In The West
Lake Mead sinks to record low, risking water shortage
Grand Canyon Floods are Rebuilding Sandbars
This Graphic Shows Just How Little Water the West has Left
Wet May saves water prospects
The disappearing reservoir: Nasa timelapse reveals how 15 years of climate change and overuse have transformed Lake Powell
A Wonder in Decline
End of the Miracle Machines
Feds Project Higher Lake Mead Level Following Wet May
Beyond the Perfect Drought: California’s Real Water Crisis
Arizona stuck in prolonged drought but sees no California-style restrictions
Region in jeopardy: How we might beat Western drought
Third straw at plunging Lake Mead nearly complete
Government-Subsidized Cotton Farms Are Sucking the Colorado River Dry
Book review: 'The Emerald Mile,' by Kevin Fedarko
Farm water to city taps: It won't be cheap
It's not just a 'California drought'
Slide Show: Ebb and Flow on the Colorado
Where the River Runs Dry
Disappearing Lake Powell underlines drought crisis facing Colorado river
Colorado River: ‘Time to stop studying and start doing’
Yes, the Drought Is Bad in California. It's Going to Be Much, Much Worse in Arizona.
Western Snowpack Melts Early, Little Remains
Drought’s Extremes Can Be Measured at Record-Low Lake Mead
This Is What Epic Drought Looks Like: Lake Mead Hits Historic Low
Nevada's Lake Mead Is at Its Lowest Level Ever — and Federal Authorities Say It's Going to Get Worse
Savage drought will drive Lake Mead to record low on Sunday
4 Ways to Beat the California Drought and Save the Colorado River
Colorado River runoff forecast gets a bit bleaker
As Lake Mead Levels Drop, The West Braces For Bigger Drought Impact
As West struggles with drought, complicated water politics loom
These Photos Of Drought In The Colorado River Basin Are Beautiful And Depressing
Long Live Glen Canyon!
Who pulled out the plug? The 'bathtub ring' on the banks of the Colorado river that's thousands of miles long
Deadbeat Dams
Former federal water manager proposes tearing down Glen Canyon Dam
Should the Bureau of Reclamation be abolished?
The Other Big Drought Story You Need to Pay Attention To
Low tide: Lake levels have fallen so far it will take years to catch up
Changing the price of water may be the way to beat drought
Protecting Water: The Pulse of Our Civilization
Lake Powell Running Out Of Water At Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
Worst Drought in 1,000 Years Predicted for American West
Stronger push toward creating a Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument arrives
Climate change will increase evaporation of Colorado River
Climate change impacts on irrigation demand and reservoir evaporation
Lack of Rain Isn’t the Only Story Behind the West’s Brutal Drought
CAP official: 61 percent chance of Colorado River shortage by 2017
Study: Loss Of Colorado River Would Cripple Economies Of Seven States, From Wyoming To California
Mesas and Sky
One River’s Outsize Impact—and the Threat of Drought
A controlled water release from the Morelos Dam has revived vegetation on the Colorado River delta
Colorado River deal bolsters dwindling Lake Mead
States in Parched Southwest Take Steps to Bolster Lake Mead
Saving the Colorado River Delta, One Habitat at a Time
Enough is enough at the Glen Canyon Recreation Area
Report shows ecosystem successes after Colorado River pulse to Mexico
Is Las Vegas betting the Colorado River will go dry?
Western governors gather to talk about growing water crisis
Where 2 Rivers Meet, Visions for Grand Canyon Clash
Appreciation: Lessons From the Man Who Stopped Grand Canyon Dams
Martin Litton dies at 97; passionate wilderness conservationist
Drowned Heart: A Trip to Drought-Wracked Lake Powell Reveals the Lost Wonder of the “Cathedral in the Desert”
In 53 days, rafting experts retrace Powell’s 1869 expedition
Record Drought Reveals Stunning Changes Along Colorado River
High Flows Through Grand Canyon National Park Met With Mixed Reactions
Glen Canyon Dam opens flood gates to improve conditions downstream
Feds lower Lake Powell, flood Colorado River through Grand Canyon
New Coalition Spotlights Threats To Colorado River
Mega-Water Utilities Join to Fund Colorado River Conservation Projects
Lake Mead’s dropping level sobering
Colorado River flows about average for 2014 water year
Colorado River Connected group forms to protect headwaters
277 Miles of Wild--Surrounded and Vulnerable
Good intentions, bad information & the declining waters of Lake Mead
More Drought Forecast Next Year Across the West
Think the Southwest’s Drought Is Bad Now? It Could Last a Generation or More
Water Managers Discuss Drought And The Colorado River
Farewell Christi
Lake Mead levels not just Vegas’ problem
Public Helps Restore Flows to Critically Depleted Rivers
Dams Cause Climate Change, They Are Not Clean Energy
More water headed to struggling Lake Mead
Channeling the Colorado River Delta Back From the Dead
Despite added water, Lake Mead level woes remain
Pipeline plan like leaping into a sinkhole
Southwest Braces as Lake Mead Water Levels Drop
A Cathedral Under Siege
Is our thirst for energy killing the ecology of the Grand Canyon?
New report identifies solutions to eliminate water shortages
Colorado River Concerns Mount as Lake Mead’s Surface Continues to Fall
Groundwater Depletion in Colorado River Basin Poses Big Risk to Water Security
Western U.S. states using up ground water at an alarming rate
With Lake Mead sinking, pressure grows for action
Colorado River must go with a better flow
Dammed if you do; Dammed if you don’t
Dry as a Bone: Lake Mead's H2O Situation Just Got a Whole Lot Worse
Western Slope Is Refusing To Divert More Water To Front Range
Well, I'll Be Un-Dammed: Colorado River (Briefly) Reached The Sea
Drought Drains Lake Mead to Lowest Level as Nevada Senator Calls for Government Audit
Could this be the end of the Grand Canyon?
Lake Mead Edges Closer to Historic Low Level, Raising River Concerns
National Park Service calls development plans a threat to Grand Canyon
Lake Mead Drains to Record Low As Western Drought Deepens
Losing the race to stop Las Vegas running totally dry
Study Finds "Extreme" Climate Change in National Parks
California drought causes need for water conservation in Utah
Lake Mead running dry but Arizona years away from feeling impact
Water war bubbling up between California and Arizona
Tucson, other cities could be hit by CAP shortage much sooner than expected
Abundant water in Northwest Colorado rivers belies conditions in lakes Powell and Mead
Lake Mead: lowest end-of-May levels in history
What if the drought continues for another 10 years?
Chinatown II? The future of the Salton Sea
Mead, Powell to end year at lowest storage since 1968
New urgency on climate change hits home
Water worries, unlike water itself, rising in southern Utah
An Innovative Conservation Fund for the Colorado River
Tear Down ‘Deadbeat’ Dams
New program to pay water users to take less from drought-stricken Colorado River
Too early to tell if above average snowpack will help Colorado River
Do massive dams ever make sense?
Colorado River shortages could occur by 2016 or 2017
Colorado River delta to receive infusion of water
Group Claims Solution to Lake Mead's Water Shortage
Park Service OHV plan for Lake Powell area draws conservation groups’ ire
Lake Mead nearing critical level
Brace yourself for California's driest winter in 500 years: UC Berkeley professor
First water supply forecast of 2014 shows 'limited water supply'
Commentary: Fill (Lake) Mead First
Goldwater, Brower and the disastrous damming of the Colorado River
Snowpack back to normal
Colorado River drought impacting region — with no solution in sight
Colorado River Drought Forces a Painful Reckoning for States
Water Lines: Dust, higher temps may advance spring snowmelt
Abundant early snow in Yampa Valley contributes to storage in Lake Powell
Sharpening edge of water supply on Colorado River
Outlook for 2014: Severity may lessen, but drought will persist
What if there's a bad snow year?
Vail Daily column: Bill a disaster for rivers, public lands
Fallowing Farmland: A New Card in Arizona’s Water Shuffle
Water group: Look elsewhere for water
Weather models say California likely to remain dry this winter
New study: Dust, warming portend dry future for the Colorado River
Op-Ed: Climate change forces us to rethink Glen Canyon Dam and its releases
High-flow releases from Glen Canyon Dam set next week
Climate: 4th-driest year on record at Lake Powell
Los Angeles’ water future remains challenged by drought, short supplies
Warmer climate, less water for Salt Lake City
Black Diamond CEO: Shutdown exposed folly of Utah’s federal-land grabbers
Jewell cites need to conserve water, points to Colorado River threats
How does the Colorado River drought stack up?
Rethinking big water
WATER LINES: Time to start watching snowpack figures again
Udall: Water Conservation makes business sense
Water managers ignore solution to crisis
Economists: Powell Pipeline Too Costly For Kane Co.
Colorado River faces most critical snow season in recent years
Business of Water summit stirs economic support for water conservation
Feds begin Colorado River drought action
Powell pipeline tab too steep for Kane County, report shows
A world beneath Lake Powell is being resurrected
Water managers counter Fill Mead First proposal
Busting myths about water shortage
Emergency Lake Mead intake project gets green light
'Water czar' Pat Mulroy says it's time to retire
SNWA general manager casts wary but hopeful eye on Lake Mead
Could drought and a court case stop water deliveries to the Salton Sea?
Tapped Out: Squeezing Every Last Ounce from the Once-Mighty Colorado River
Conservationists say Glen Canyon coming to life again
$12 million emergency fix sought to ensure water flow from Lake Mead
Radio West: Sharing the Colorado
Why aren't experimental floods helping native fish below Glen Canyon Dam?
Coloradans Urged to Conserve Water Following Lake Powell Release
INTERVIEW: Water Authority GM Pat Mulroy
Young farmers, Las Vegas respond to water warning
The Colorado Plateau: A Geological Wonderland
Dwindling Colorado River Forces First-Ever Cuts in Lake Powell Water Releases
Climate change as reflected in Lake Mead
Unnatural Disaster Gripping the Colorado River Basin
Falling Water Levels In Lake Mead "A Warning Sign"
As land grows homes instead of crops, what happens to the agricultural water?
Reclamation Selects Five Entities to Receive $485,423 to Establish or Expand Existing Watershed Groups
Colorado River: New study offers painful details of Glen Canyon Dam impacts to downstream ecosystems
'Abnormally dry' the kind of drought we can live with
Castle Rock Cut
Dams destabilize river food webs: Lessons from the Grand Canyon
the Colorado River doomsday clock
Peak Water in the American West
A slow-motion Colorado River disaster
Vegas, Baby! Should Taxpayers Bail Her Out of Water Woes?
Board hears Powell Pipeline alternative
Feds Slash Colorado River Release to Historic Lows
Bureau of Reclamation Forecasts Lower Water Release from Lake Powell to Lake Mead for 2014
Operational Changes Expected Due To Low Water At Lake Powell
Reclaimed water will stabilize supply
Low Colorado River may force historic action for Lake Powell
Dramatic water changes coming for the Southwest
How Two Reservoirs Have Become Billboards For What Climate Change Is Doing To The American West
Conservation, Lake Powell Pipeline on CIRPAC agenda
Las Vegas water chief seeks disaster aid for Colorado River drought
Managing demand for Colorado River water about to get expensive
Water shortages loom in Southwest, could trigger cuts
Say goodbye to Phoenix — and the American West
The drying of the West
Going, Going, Gone? Reservoirs for Colorado River Reach Record Lows
Powell: A lake in need of a break
Lake Powell Pipeline dominates water forum
Willoughby: America's most endangered river is showing signs of overuse
S. Utah headed for cliff called growth
New Voices in Colorado River Management
Van Dam: Fill Lake Mead first
Lake Powell shrinking fast
Water quality and levels of Colorado River endangered
Colorado River at a 'crossroads,' facing uncertain future
Wedig: Help shape Utah’s water future
New Study Says Lake Powell Is A Bad Place To Store Water
Managing water: Utahns need honest numbers
Communities imagine ways of making every drop count
Does the Colorado River compact need tweaking?
Climate: Another grim year for Lake Powell
State's largest dam removal project groundbreaking
Boaters asked to avoid main launch at Lake Mead’s Echo Bay
Water study finds future water challenges
Castle: Next steps to sustainability begin today on the Colorado
Despite delays, water authority still banking on ‘third straw’ to deliver water to valley
Bureau of Reclamation Urged to Fill Lake Mead to Meet Water Demand
Utah reservoirs are drying up
Colorado River Stakeholders Call For Action
Colorado Crisis: America's Great River Dwindles in Drought
Saving the Colorado River -- from us
Future of Colorado River on agenda in San Diego
As Lake Mead shrinks, California uses more than its share of water
Future of Colorado River on agenda in San Diego
Water delivery rates headed up, but residents shouldn’t notice
As Oil and Gas Drilling Competes for Water, One New Mexico County Says No
Warmer Springs Causing Loss of Snow Cover throughout the Rocky Mountains
Earth Notes: Glen Canyon Dam - What Flows In (And Not Out)
NASA To Map Snowpack Of Two Major Mountain Watersheds In Colorado And California
New report urges swift climate action in the Southwest
American Rivers: Colorado River Tops List Of 10 Most Endangered Rivers In United States
U.S. recommends removal of dams on Klamath River to aid salmon
Group Proposes Alternative to Lake Powell Pipeline
As Climate Change Reduces Colorado River Communities Must Prepare
Revival in the Colorado River Delta
ON Kilter: Lake Powell Pipeline, dead at last
Phoenix and LA Spar Over Colorado River Water
Colorado River Study Looked to Future But Did Not Open Up ‘Law of the River'
Phoenix-area growth raises water fears
Rough Water Ahead for the Colorado River
Phoenix's too hot future
Runoff Forecast for Colorado River Shrinks in March
Advice for Jewell on protecting Colorado River
The Colorado River, Source to Sea (Not Quite)
As Drought Persists in the West, Time to Prepare for Summer Shortages
Dredgers return to Lake Powell’s Castle Rock Cut
Water: Lake Powell may dry up within a few decades
Lake Mead dwindles under dry conditions
Reclaiming the Colorado River?
Castle Rock Cutoff in Lake Powell to be Deepened
Lake Powell pipeline foes rejoice in delay
Colorado River Basin study a 'call to action'
Las Vegas Accused of Engineering Massive Water Grab: Is This the Future of the West? [With Photo Slideshow]
Coloradans: Focus on Conservation to Save Colorado's Water
Impact of flood in Grand Canyon has mixed results
Inaugural Poem Conjures Colorado River That Flows to the Sea
Agencies line up for desalinated water from planned plant
INTERIOR: Salazar has long list of unfinished business
EPA Seeks Emission Curbs on Coal Plant Marring Grand Canyon View
Controversial Gooseberry Narrows dam finally approved
Glennon and Culp: West must strive for water sustainability
U.S. evaluates pollution, jobs at coal plant near Grand Canyon
BLM approves Las Vegas water pipeline project
Climate change could cut Western water runoff by 10%
Dust on snow means less water in river
The Latest Turns Along the Colorado River
Colorado River Basin Study: Where Do National Parks Fit In?
Colorado River Basin study projects future water shortages
Water Piped to Denver Could Ease Stress on River
It Wasn't Nice To Drown A Lady! (Revisiting The Glen Canyon-Lake Powell Rigamarole, Part 1)
New York City Meets the Colorado River at Qatar Climate Talks?
It appears beaches are back after Grand Canyon flooding
Officials trying to right environmental wrong with Glen Canyon Dam
Feds begin high-flow releases from Glen Canyon
WATER LINES: Train wreck coming on the Colorado River?
More users and less water are stressing the Colorado River — with serious consequences for Vegas
Willoughby: Colorado drought to hurt Lake Powell, Lake Mead too
The water project that wouldn't die
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar commended for saving the Colorado River
America's water mirage
Landmark water pact with Mexico could boost Lake Mead
Feared mussels found in Lake Powell?
"She's all river now": No more reservoirs on the Elwha
Students learn about dam, ‘Fill Mead First’ movement
High mercury lands Lake Powell fish on food alert list
as Vegas Home Water Rates May Rise for Third Lake Mead Pipeline
CU-Boulder students take flight to learn
Powell pipeline bottom line drains legislators’ support
Razorback sucker turns up in Grand Canyon after 20 years
Washington water wasters
Western Hispanics say conservation the way to deal with water shortages
Parched in the West but Shipping Water to China, Bale by Bale
A Week in Grand Canyon: What’s the Value of Recreation?
Despite skimpy water year, federal officials considering high-flow releases below Glen Canyon Dam
Turn off pipeline
Committee puts Lake Powell pipeline on hold
State board OK’s Lake Powell pipeline funding bill
Drought Watch 2012: Reservoir storage & the Colorado River Compact
Search for consensus elusive in Colorado River Basin
Western wit and wisdom: Katie Lee, Gail Steiger headline 'Folk Sessions'
Historic drought ripples across Southwest
Pipeline Financing
Arizona water allocations bumping up against limits of Colorado River flows
Court OKs federal actions at Glen Canyon Dam
Hundred-Year Forecast: Drought
Aspen Times Weekly cover story: When the water runs out
Grand Junction Alfalfa Crop Message To Greet President Obama In The Air: 'Mr Prez - We Rely On The Colorado River'
New Global Warming Culprit: Methane Emissions Jump Dramatically During Dam Drawdowns
Water campaign a winner for region
Powell pipeline
Thirsty county
Guest Commentary: A healthy Colorado River
Slowing growth may delay or kill Lake Powell Pipeline
Water District Delays Vote on Controversial Pipeline
Sediment likely killer of fish in Colorado River
Water cleared for native trout
First-Ever Colorado River Day Celebrated
The Humpback Chub is Making a Comeback
Local environmentalists and fiscal conservatives call for water conservation
Celebrating Colorado River Day
Mutualism on the Colorado River
As Drought Worsens, New Campaign Calls on Las Vegas Valley Communities to Take the 90 by 20 Pledge
Pipeline? Pay up!
The Birth of a Drought Report: Behind the Scenes with the People Who Produce the U.S. Drought Monitor
About this ad Colorado River supply and demand study delayed, even as drought grips U.S.
Colorado Wildfires Threaten Water Supplies
‘Extreme’ drought now across almost half of Colorado
Empty straw- Lake Powell Pipeline isn’t prudent
Dying Trees in Southwest Set Stage for Erosion, Water Loss in Colorado River
As Colorado River Dries Up, The West Feels The Pain
Cooperation Along the Colorado River
Task force: No consensus on whether Million's pipeline makes sense
Today's Environmental Activists Stand on David Brower's Shoulders
Pipe Dreams: Water Supply and Pipeline Projects in the West
Nat' Geo: What Does Climate Change Mean for Water in the Colorado River Basin?
Colorado River sustainability requires balancing supply and demand for water resources and responsible hydropower.
Snowpack at 1 percent of average
UW's Ogden to Create Computer Model of Upper Colorado River Basin's Hydrology
Farmer panic! Crops die as gov't blocks wells
Drought is ‘extreme' in part of the Colorado River Basin
Founder of Patagonia receives conservation award
Selling water to the highest bidder
Don’t Forget the Rivers in Debate Over Colorado River Basin Water
Third intake into Lake Mead hits $5 million snag
The Colorado River and Big Daddy drought
Desert Southwest an oasis or mirage?
Snowpack moisture lowest on record
Lessons learned from previous droughts shapes endangered fish recovery actions
Forecasting Western U.S. Water Supply in 2012: La Niña Again Delivers a Wet North and a Dry South
Drought: Will there be a call on the Colorado River?
Missing snow: Colorado snowpack figures falling even lower
Why move Western water?
Can Lack of Snow in Colorado River Basin Lead to a More Sustainable Path?
Warm, dry March creates early snowmelt, runoff
Iron County pulls out of Lake Powell pipeline project
Our Rapidly Shrinking Water Supply
New report outlines risks of oil shale development in Colorado, Utah
Lake Mead's 'third straw' to keep water flowing into Vegas
Feds nix permit to pipe water from Wyoming's Flaming Gorge to Colorado's Front Range
How to "Fix" the Colorado River
Cutting water use is the best bet for Southern Nevada
Powell Pipeline
Adding Up the Water Deficit
Dammed If We Don't by Yvon Chouinard
New 20-year ban on mining near Grand Canyon is final
Critics line up over Flaming Gorge pipeline plan
Lake Powell Pipe Dream
New study suggests that megadroughts may be recurring feature in US Southwest
Evidence Of Previously Unknown 2nd Century Drought Discovered
Our Opinion: Are we between a rock and a dry place?
Colorado River law: Time for change?
US Looks to Mexico for More Water
Protecting Our Grand Canyon Makes Sense
EVANS: The future of water in Colorado
Why the Lake Mead Earthquakes Should Give You Nightmares
Water projects can’t be justified
Diversity, balance needed for Nevada’s future
Big machine is weeks away from digging under Lake Mead
Rivers of Colorado
Robbing Colorado's rivers of their native flows
New USGS Science for Managing Arizona’s Groundwater
Paying for Lake Powell pipeline
Nevada has right to its own water
21,000 Oppose Disastrous Western Water Pipeline Ahead of Tuesday Vote
The Mighty Colorado: Trickling Down to Nothing
The Glamorous Past and Desolate Present of 'America's Dead Sea'
Guest Commentary: Protect Colorado River Flows
Nuestro Rio Mobilizes Hispanic Community in the West
Yet Another Wake Up Call for the Colorado Basin States
'Million' pipeline now touted as hydropower project
Bounty at Lake Powell follows record dry stretch
Removing Barriers to Salmon Migration
The Issue: Glen Canyon Dam's hydropower generation
Long-Term Plan for Glen Canyon Dam in the Works
Grand Canyon's future hinges on critical issues
A victory in Western water wars? Study shows progress in water use.
Lake Powell water levels dropping; Lake Mead rising
Running Toward Empty?
Running Toward Empty?: Part Two
Water level at Lake Mead could rise thanks to wet winter, report says
A fresh battle between Southern California water adversaries