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Dedicated to the restoration of Glen Canyon and a free flowing Colorado River.

Road show

Road Show

The Glen Canyon Road Show includes screenings of the remarkable film, Resurrection: Glen Canyon and a New Vision for the American West, as well as informational presentations on current issues and GCI initiatives. GCI also actively participates in public community events, including festivals and markets.

See below for more information on upcoming events:

GCI just wrapped up its busiest Road Show season to date. We tabled at numerous festivals and farmers markets across Utah and held public presentations in Tempe, Paradise Valley, Aspen, Boca Park, Henderson, and Albuquerque. We’ve made presentations to colleges and high school classes, ands to other groups like the Sierra Club in California. From these efforts we’ve been able to talk to hundreds of people, connect with many of our members, and recruit new members. It’s also given us an opportunity to build relationships with other organizations across the West and build a larger movement to restore Glen Canyon.

Look for our 2013 Road Show calendar in the coming months!